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  • How is the mobile gaming market evolving?
  • How is the mobile gaming market evolving?
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How mobile gaming combats stress and kills boredom

The proliferation of smartphones has seen video gaming break free from the sofa and enter the wider world, opening the medium up to new audiences. But beyond helping people to pass the time, how have mobile games become so popular? And what are the commercial barriers and opportunities?

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Nintendo’s third mobile title, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, is set to launch on both the Apple and Android app stores in late November 2017. In the game, players meet and make friends with anthropomorphic animals, completing errands to earn various rewards. It may sound innocuous, but it has been described as the developer’s biggest move yet in mobile gaming, with its monetisation features potentially making it a “long-term cash machine.” [1]

Although Nintendo is a relative newcomer in mobile gaming, the market is certainly big enough to accommodate the famed developer; the sector generated more revenue ...



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    Nintendo Switch: high-definition games on the go

    Tablet-based Nintendo Switch console allows players to switch from playing on their TV or monitor to taking the game on the road. By blending high-definition console gaming with the portability of mobile games, Nintendo caters to people who want sophisticated and social mobile gameplay. 

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    Why do Britons play mobile games?

    Smartphones have transformed the gaming world, making it accessible to all ages and demographics. Yet beyond the low price point compared to dedicated consoles, why do people invest so much time in mobile titles? Canvas8 spoke with 20 Britons to discover why they’re catching Pokémon and flinging Angry Birds.

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    How are women driving diversity in gaming?

    Long regarded as fringe participants, women now represent a significant part of the gaming community, making up around half of players in the US and UK. With a whole new generation of girls ready to ‘press start’, how can this stereotypically male-focused industry be more female-friendly?

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    Reality sucks! The science of escapism

    The allure of a virtual world – in which anyone could have magical powers and take risks without consequences – is evidenced by the fact that nearly 19 million people play video games in the UK alone. Canvas8 sat down with Dr. Andrew Kuo to understand why we actively escape into virtual worlds.