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  • How is EA’s annual cash cow keeping things fresh?
  • How is EA’s annual cash cow keeping things fresh?
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FIFA 18: blurring boundaries between the real and virtual

Each year, millions of people around the world eagerly snap up the latest instalment in the FIFA video game series. But beyond updating squad lists, graphics and in-game mechanics, how is EA Sports positioning the 2018 edition to find new audiences while keeping loyal fans satisfied?

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When ‘EA Soccer’ was first floated as an idea in the early ‘90s, Electronic Arts was doubtful of football’s long-term prospects in the gaming industry. “There was great scepticism in the US about the future of soccer,” explains EA founder Trip Hawkins. “Nobody cared.” With executives unwilling to invest heavily in what was seen as a speculative ‘punt’ of a project, a small team operated on a $30,000-a-month budget amid constant threats of cancellation. But when FIFA International Soccer did eventually hit the shelves in 1993, the risk paid off in spectacular fashion, selling over half a million copies. [



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    Juventus: transforming a team into a lifestyle brand

    In early 2017, Italy’s most successful domestic FC got a newer, slicker logo. But it’s more than just a redesign – its creators claim the logo is intended to catapult the Juventus brand beyond the football pitch, transforming it into a lifestyle brand. Is this the future of the football club?

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    Whistle Sports: sports media for digital fans

    Sporting triumphs and tragedies are remembered decades after they occur. But with the rise of social media, Gen Y are craving content outside of live games; they watch trick shot videos on YouTube and follow stars on Instagram. How is Whistle Sports tapping into these digital opportunities?

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    How video games became a spectator sport

    Not long ago, it was inconceivable that video games would be anything more than a niche pastime, let alone a path to a lucrative career. Yet e-sports now attract millions of fans and major brand sponsorships. How did they come to rival to traditional sports? And can they achieve mainstream success?

  • Spike Lee brings storytelling to sports gaming

    Spike Lee brings storytelling to sports gaming

    Sports games are the third most popular genre of video game in the US. But while their social merits are obvious, for solo players they often lack the storytelling of action games and shooters. With help from film director Spike Lee, could basketball game NBA 2K16 buck the trend?