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  • Why is star power so reliable in advertising?
  • Why is star power so reliable in advertising?
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What do people expect from celebrity endorsements?

Brands have long used famous faces in adverts to reliably boost the awareness and sales of their products. But what is it about star endorsements that make people stop and pay attention? And how is a desire for authenticity changing the expectations for celebrity partnerships?

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Musician FKA Twigs is serving as creative director for Nike Women; Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs owns a stake in Cîroc that sees him receive 50% of the brand’s profits; and beer giant Anheuser-Busch used 20 social media micro-influencers for its 2017 Super Bowl campaign. These three examples are proof of the changed landscape for celebrity endorsements. We see a creative collaboration in which the celebrity and brand work together with a seemingly shared purpose, a recording artist openly adding business interests to his portfolio with no concerns over the notion of selling out, and the intervention of a new kind ...



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    Why more followers doesn’t always mean more influence

    Online influencers have shaped the way people interact with brands since the advent of social media, adding context to products outside of typical advertising channels. But the idea that more followers equate to more consumer sway is not always true. How exactly is influencer marketing evolving?

  • Collaboration is the new endorsement

    Collaboration is the new endorsement

    Celebrity endorsements are old hat, but digitisation has bred a discerning consumer that demands transparency, leaving these partnerships feeling inauthentic. Instead – as seen in Nike and FKA Twigs’ ‘Do You Believe in More?’ – brands and celebrities are ‘collaborating’.

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    Hublot x Sang Bleu: watches with counter-culture cachet

    Once staunchly anti-social, with working-class roots, tattoos are experiencing a renaissance. A new collaboration between Swiss watchmaker Hublot and tattooist Maxime Buchi is the latest in counter-culture luxe, demonstrating that distinctions between high and low culture have all but disappeared.

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    EOS: making lip balm a pop culture phenomenon

    EOS lip balm has become a cult hit, selling over 1,000 units per week at Selfridges in 2013 and being named the fourth most influential brand in the world for female Gen Yers. But how has a seemingly dull product spawned one of the most coveted and identifiable brands for women around the globe?