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  • Promoting financial literacy for African Americans
  • Promoting financial literacy for African Americans
    TED Conference, Creative Commons (2017) ©

Buy The Block: helping black Americans invest locally

Around a fifth of African Americans say that when it comes to investments and financial planning for their family’s future, their knowledge is lacking. Crowdfunding platform Buy The Block is tackling this problem by helping them easily invest in real estate and support their community in the process.

Location United States

Researchers from Yale University have found that Americans substantially overestimate society's progress in reducing economic inequality across races; on average, the perceived gap between levels of inequality and reality is 25%. [1] Indeed, African Americans are at least twice as likely as Caucasians to live in poverty or to be unemployed, and in 2014, the difference in median household income between blacks and whites was roughly $28,000, rising from just over $22,000 in 2010. [2][3] Amid the growing wealth gap, crowdfunding platform Buy The Block is working to improve the long-term financial health ...



  • Article image Bantu: flipping the black hair industry on its head

    For women of colour, finding a nearby stylist within a reasonable price range can seem like a near-impossible task. The Bantu app offers a solution for people seeking care for their ‘kinky, coily, and curly hair’, providing them with access to prices, available styles and reviews in their area.

  • Article image My Money My Future: educating the underbanked one meme at a time

    The underbanked represents more than 88 million individuals and nearly $1.3 trillion in wages. And young people of colour make up a large proportion of this, despite their size and spending power. How is My Money My Future reaching out to this group using technology and pop culture?

  • Article image Motif: helping Gen Y invest in their ideas

    Retail investment is changing, with algorithms set to replace personal advisors as Wall Street is ‘Uber-ified’. Aiming to give Gen Yers more control over their cash, Motif Investing lets users build their portfolios by theme, from gay-friendly to fossil-free. Can it give the robots a run for their money?

  • Article image The Startup Hour: investing from the comfort of your couch

    The Startup Hour is a TV show that combines ‘the excitement of a reality TV contest with the urgency of the New York Stock Exchange trading floor’. Promising a new twist on an old format, are people ready to combine cold hard cash with light evening entertainment? Or is it just another gimmick?