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  • Aerosol air fresheners are out of fashion
  • Aerosol air fresheners are out of fashion
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What do Gen Y want their homes to smell like?

The desire to make our homes as cosy as possible is not just affecting the cushions and blankets we buy, but also the scents we choose to spread through products like diffusers and candles. With Gen Y keen on all things ‘natural’ and ‘clean’, what smells appeal to the noses of this cohort?

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The way people think about their homes is changing. “The only thing you can control in the world is your own environment, so make it as lovely and comforting as possible because outside the window it’s not so comfortable and lovely,” says Avril Castellazzo, manager at London-based furniture maker WCDinteriors. “You want to be warm, you want to be cosy and with everything going on in the world at the moment it just makes you feel a bit better.” [1]

As well as fuelling interest in solitude spaces, this desire to create the perfectly personalised ...



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