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  • Helping young Aussies secure their financial future
  • Helping young Aussies secure their financial future
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AMP Goals 360: robo-advice for Gen Y’s finances

Almost half of Aussies regularly daydream about the future, but just 20% of young people have sought financial advice that could help them later in life. How is AMP Goals 360 – an interactive advice service – helping a tech-savvy generation get more engaged with their finances?

Location Australia

Investments. Mortgages. Superannuation. Retirement. These terms are a source of stress for many Australians, with a fear of financial matters paralysing them with inaction. According to the MLC Wealth Sentiment Survey, only 30% of Aussies sought advice on key money matters between 2014 and 2016, despite most people being unsatisfied with their wealth. [1] What’s more, 80% of Gen Yers don’t seek professional financial advice, citing reasons such as ‘it’s too expensive’ or that their investment is ‘too small to need advice’. [2]

Acting on extensive research that revealed the potential for robo-advice to become ...



  • Article image Affirm: transparent credit for Gen Yers

    Young people's trust in financial services is at an all-time low; 71% of Gen Yers would rather visit their dentist than hear what banks have to say. But San Francisco-based Affirm is hoping that a transparent approach to lending can restore some faith in customers and show that credit isn’t all bad.

  • Article image My Money My Future: educating the underbanked one meme at a time

    The underbanked represents more than 88 million individuals and nearly $1.3 trillion in wages. And young people of colour make up a large proportion of this, despite their size and spending power. How is My Money My Future reaching out to this group using technology and pop culture?

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    Trōv is aiming to make insurance more appealing to Gen Yers by ditching complicated policies, instead providing simple and flexible protection through an easy-to-use app. But can it win over a generation of consumers who still see coverage as an optional extra rather than a necessity?

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    For a generation of young Australians, traditional banking models are losing their lustre, and the financial sector is getting a digital shakedown. Whether you need a loan to buy livestock or help through medical school, peer-to-peer lender SocietyOne is offering a different solution.