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  • How can Gen Z engage with the gig economy?
  • How can Gen Z engage with the gig economy?
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Pickle: helping Gen Z sell their skills

Gen Zers are an ambitious bunch – 76% see themselves as ‘the owners of their careers’, in control of shaping their own paths. The Pickle app is helping these side hustlers sell their skills, connecting them with odd jobs and dares from painting walls to collecting shopping to shaving one’s head.

Location North America / Northern Europe

Can’t be bothered to do your laundry? Need someone to design your party invitations? Or want an assistant to help you prank your mate? Whatever the task that’s on your to-do list, the Pickle app is here to help. It’s connecting people who need things done with those willing to do them, making it quick and easy to complete odd jobs and make some money in your free time.





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