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  • Play games to find the perfect job
  • Play games to find the perfect job
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JobFlare: mobile games made for job seekers

Over half of Americans aged 18-29 use a smartphone when job hunting, whether to browse roles or send resumes. But JobFlare offers a different way to search and apply for a career, using gamification to learn a person’s strengths and interests, then matching them up with personalised listings.

Location United States

Swipe right! Fill in the blanks! These prompts may sound like something out of a mobile game or dating app, but they’re actually part of the career search process on JobFlare. With 28% of American adults saying they’ve used a smartphone as part of their job hunt – rising to 53% among 18- to 29-year-olds – this free app harnesses the power of gamification to guide users on their quest to new employment. [1]





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