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  • Why do assertive adverts annoy some people?
  • Why do assertive adverts annoy some people?
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Buy it now! The science of assertive advertising

Join now! Like us on Facebook! Assertive ads are everywhere, but how effective are they? Canvas8 spoke with Yael Zemack-Rugar, assistant professor of marketing at the University of Central Florida’s College of Business, about why these messages annoy a brand’s loyal customers the most.

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From ads based on people’s online behaviour to witty one-liners on packaging, marketers are constantly adopting new ways to catch the eye of potential consumers. But as attention spans get shorter, capturing and then holding an audience’s gaze is harder than ever. As a result, brands are adapting – YouTube is scrapping longer-form adverts in favour of six-second ‘bumper ads’, while Burger King’s TV spot hijacked AI home assistants in a bid to make the most of its 15-second slot.

While tech is helping shake up online ...



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    Advertisers are always seeking ways to catch the consumer eye, and they’re now moving beyond tailoring messages merely based on age and gender. Canvas8 spoke with Christopher Summers, assistant professor at the Darla Moore School of Business, to find out why behavioural targeting really sells.

  • People are creeped out by personalised ads People are creeped out by personalised ads

    In the wake of a personal data explosion, knowing everything about one’s target audience has turned out to be a mixed blessing. People are aware of what personalisation suggests about their privacy, and as a result, brands are struggling to walk the line between customised and creepy.

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    With 79% of Brits rarely or never clicking online ads, brands are wasting huge sums of money on ineffective advertising. So how can companies entice consumers to voluntarily eyeball their content? Canvas8 sat down with 15 British men and women to find out what they think about online ads.

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    According to the world of online dating, coming across as an arse to some can make others love you more. If having haters makes those who like you like you all the more, does the same psychology apply to our relationships with brands? And does it actually pay for a brand to rub part of its audience up the wrong way?