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  • The newsletter offering dirt cheap dream holidays
  • The newsletter offering dirt cheap dream holidays
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Jack’s Flight Club: bargain holidays found for a fee

Almost half of Britons dream of travelling the world, but 86% don't know when they should be booking their trips to get the best deals. Helping to resolve this problem, Jack’s Flight Club is an email subscription service that sends members regular deals for dirt cheap airfares.

Location United Kingdom

Fancy a return ticket from London to Tokyo for just £248? What about Birmingham to Peru for £229? Or Edinburgh to Shanghai for only £212? These deals might sound too good to be true, but for subscribers to Jack's Flight Club – a newsletter that highlights bargain flights from UK airports – they’re a weekly joy. With Britons jetting off more than ever – they went on over 45 million holidays abroad in 2016 alone – it’s helping them get to their dream destinations for a fraction of the normal price. [1]





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    Business execs suffer from a ‘perennial time-scarcity problem’, so it’s no surprise that they’re looking for ways to minimise wasted moments. Surf Air aims to save them hours at airports, offering unlimited flights on private business jets between selected European cities from £2,500 per month.

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    “Sharing is caring,” states a TV spot from holiday home rental company HomeAway. “Or at least that’s what they told us.” Actually, the spot highlights the uglier side of sharing holiday amenities like pools or bathrooms. But can HomeAway dethrone Airbnb by undermining the sharing economy?

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    Spending on luxury travel hit a $460 billion high in 2014. As more people desire a slice of the high life, will Skytime Jets’ pay-as-you-go private jet hire be a hit? Is elite air travel set to become more accessible than ever? And how are such schemes shaping the future of luxury travel?

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    In 2013, over 3 billion passengers took to the skies. As airlines aim to make flying as simple as taking the train, could everything people would normally associate with air travel – endless queues, bad food, cramped, uncomfortable seats – be about to change for the better?