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  • Candy floss and sour cherry, with notes of empowerment
  • Candy floss and sour cherry, with notes of empowerment
    Missguided (2015) ©

Babe Power: a fast fashion fragrance for Gens Y and Z

With notes of candy floss and sour cherry, Babe Power is the first fragrance from Missguided. And despite its non-designer roots, it's the UK’s fastest-selling perfume of 2017 – an affordable accessory for the young women swapping a signature scent for a wardrobe of fragrances.

Location North America / Northern Europe

The hottest female fragrance of summer 2017 sold out in stores within three hours of its launch, with consumer demand over 500% higher than expected.[1] But forget Chanel or Gucci – this perfume isn’t from a major fashion house. It’s instead the first signature scent from online fast fashion brand Missguided, and costs just £28 for 80ml, coming in a rose gold bottle shaped like a soda can.





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