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  • People want some space at home for peace and quiet
  • People want some space at home for peace and quiet
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A Sector Snapshot of Home

How are some people choosing to commemorate their divorce? Have friends become more important than family for personal support? Is the idea of the ‘forever home’ now outdated? And what’s driving the demand for man caves and she sheds in modern houses?

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In the July 2017 Sector Snapshot of Home, we explore how people are celebrating divorce, examine the increasing importance of friendships, look at why people are keen to keep on moving homes, and understand the role of solitude spaces in modern homes.

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    How teenagers’ bedrooms shape identity

    While Gen Zers may be less likely to adorn their bedroom walls with posters of pop stars and sporting idols, the significance of these spaces to young people remains as strong as in decades past. Jason Reid, author of Get Out of My Room!, explains the role of bedrooms in moulding identity.

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    Dot Dot Dot: community spirit property guardians

    One in four Britons will be renting by 2021 but with the average rental in London over £1,200, Londoners are having to get creative with housing. Dot Dot Dot is a property guardianship that encourages community spirit, but what are the motivations for becoming a property guardian?

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    Who needs family when you’ve got friends?

    Traditional social structures can seem inconveniently binary for some individuals – not everyone wants to be part of a nuclear family or search for the right partner with whom to raise a child. How do friends, family and strangers now fit into marriages, support networks and parenting choices?

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    Divorce Party Planner: ending married life in style

    Divorce used to be a dirty word, but with almost half of marriages now ending this way, attitudes are adjusting. Increasingly, people are looking for a ritual to mark the end of married life, and however they want to usher in their new singledom, Divorce Party Planner is on hand to help.

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    Why solitude is good for the soul

    Thanks to the incessant chatter of social media, addictive mobile games, and the internet of everything, we’re slaves to our screens and incapable of tolerating our own company. Yet solitude is a powerful resource that more people are waking up to as they look to reboot, reflect and get mindful.

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    Break-Up Boss: a break-up aid for the digital age

    Breaking up is hard to do – and it’s gotten even more difficult since the advent of smartphones and social media. From resisting stalking an ex on Facebook to encouraging positive thoughts, Break-Up Boss promises to get people through the emotional aftermath of a freshly-ended relationship.

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    How house-hunting has gone digital

    Three-quarters of young Britons would like to buy their own property within the next five years, but the cut-throat nature of the market and the complexity of getting a mortgage may hinder their plans. How might the increasing digitisation of the real estate sector make home-buying less daunting?

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    What does romance look like for Gen Y?

    As our lives become increasingly intertwined with tech, the ways we express romantic interest are evolving. But are Gen Yers interested in starting relationships online, or have they swiped left on digital romance? Canvas8 sat down with 20 Americans to find out what they think about love and dating.