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  • Why is a space for solitude so important to teens?
  • Why is a space for solitude so important to teens?
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How teenagers’ bedrooms shape identity

While Gen Zers may be less likely to adorn their bedroom walls with posters of pop stars and sporting idols, the significance of these spaces to young people remains as strong as in decades past. Jason Reid, author of Get Out of My Room!, explains the role of bedrooms in moulding identity.

Location North America / Northern Europe

According to research from George Home by Asda, teenaged girls in the UK are ‘skipping a phase’ when it comes to their bedrooms. While they once might have ornamented their spaces with pop star posters, dream catchers and lava lamps, the average adolescent bedroom is now painted white, and adorned with tasteful fairy lights and mirrors. The reason for this? The influence of vloggers and bloggers; 29% survey respondents said that they replicate the decor they see in the bedrooms of their favourite YouTubers. [1]

Although the appearance of teenagers’ bedrooms might be changing, the significance that ...



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    Sian Zeng: storytelling wallpaper for kids

    Children see decorating their own bedroom as the second most important milestone to achieve, yet three-quarters of parents don’t involve their little ones in the design process. Offering a compromise, Sian Zeng’s magnetic wallpaper lets kids change the look of their room – with no paint involved.

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    Why Gen Yers are embracing solitude spaces

    With mounting responsibilities and digital distractions, Gen Y are creating personal solitude spaces on their homes in search of some peace and quiet. What can these ‘man caves’ and ‘she sheds’ tell us about the demands of future homebuyers and home decor shoppers?

  • Parents build ‘graddy annexes’ for generation rent

    Parents build ‘graddy annexes’ for generation rent

    Can’t get on the property ladder? As the idea of owning a home becomes increasingly distant for young adults, the demand for 'graddy annexes' – attached to parents' homes – is increasing and is one of the many ways families are coping with Gen Yers’ inability to buy their own home.

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    Rooms by Zoya B: building fairytale bedrooms

    Once upon a time we believed in fairytales. Now, as parents, we can make our kids’ fantasy worlds more real than ours ever were – with luxury interiors that bring far far away into the home. Castles and carriages, jungles and underwater kingdoms – they don’t come cheap, but demand is high. So what are parents really paying for?