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  • How can brands broach taboo topics?
  • How can brands broach taboo topics?
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Icon: undoing the stigma of urinary incontinence

One in three women will suffer from urinary incontinence at some point in their lives, but the attached stigma means that they may wait up to 6.5 years before seeking help. Looking to tackle how people think about feminine hygiene, Icon is offering up fashionable, pee-proof undies for women.

Location North America / Northern Europe

As one of society’s last unspoken health taboos, the stigma around urinary incontinence masks how common it really is – one in three women will suffer from it at one stage in their lives. [1] For many of those affected, the only way to deal with bladder leaks is to wear absorbent pads, which serve as an uncomfortable reminder of the problem and a practical hindrance in everyday life. But Icon aims to defuse shame around incontinence and spark open conversations in a bid to normalise the condition.





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    My Expert Midwife: taking the taboo out of tearing

    During pregnancy, a mother’s medical health is closely monitored, but issues like skin changes and discomfort typically receive little attention. My Expert Midwife tackles this with premium, all-natural skin care products, addressing the awkwardness around pregnant bodies in the process.

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    Bodyform – Blood: the bloody truth about periods

    Bodyform’s ‘Blood’ commercial is the first to tackle the physical manifestation of having a period. Vials of blue liquid and grinning, rollerblading models have been replaced with blood from powerful sportswomen. Does this advert represent real women’s attitudes to menstruation?

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    Thinx: swapping tampons and pads for period pants

    The majority of feminine hygiene products aren’t exciting, but with the corporations responsible for making them barely changing over a century, do women have much choice? Period panty start-up Thinx says yes, offering a friendlier, cheaper and cooler way to sail through that time of the month.

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    HelloFlo: making periods funny

    Tampon subscription service HelloFlo has won millions of fans by rejecting euphemism in favour of hilarious honesty. But what does its humorous take on being a 12-year-old girl tell us about what we really want from our most intimate brands? How honest is too honest?