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  • How can funerals be eco-friendly?
  • How can funerals be eco-friendly?
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The Green Funeral Company: taking values to the grave

People often want the products they buy and services they use to reflect their values – and this desire extends beyond death. The Green Funeral Company offers alternative funerals for those who don’t want a stuffy, traditional affair, and helps people be eco-friendly even after they’ve passed away.

Location United Kingdom

“The heart of each funeral is people who know the person who died gathering around them and talking about what they meant to them, how they have influenced them for good or bad, one last time with love and honesty,” explains Claire Callender, co-founder of the Green Funeral Company. [1] People already shop, travel and eat according to their personal values, and this consumer behaviour is now extending beyond the grave with the emergence of eco-friendly funeral options that let individuals preserve the planet even after they’ve passed away.





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