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  • Who would want to squat rather than rent?
  • Who would want to squat rather than rent?
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Dot Dot Dot: community spirit property guardians

One in four Britons will be renting by 2021 but with the average rental in London over £1,200, Londoners are having to get creative with housing. Dot Dot Dot is a property guardianship that encourages community spirit, but what are the motivations for becoming a property guardian?

Location United Kingdom

“In the last decade, London has become increasingly hard for young people from across the UK to pursue a career in which a move to the capital is necessary,” says Farrah Storr, Editor of Cosmopolitan magazine. And with the average rental in London costing £1,246 a month, while the average income for people aged 22 to 29 is between £1,829 and £1,924, an affordable roof over your head is increasingly a barrier to stepping foot onto the career ladder. [1][2] It’s why in early 2017 Cosmo collaborated with property guardian provider Dot Dot Dot on ...



  • Parents build ‘graddy annexes’ for generation rent

    Parents build ‘graddy annexes’ for generation rent

    Can’t get on the property ladder? As the idea of owning a home becomes increasingly distant for young adults, the demand for 'graddy annexes' – attached to parents' homes – is increasing and is one of the many ways families are coping with Gen Yers’ inability to buy their own home.

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    Pocket: city homes for city workers

    A lack of affordable housing means that home-ownership is a pipe dream for many young adults. In the UK, Pocket is helping first-time buyers get a foothold in this hostile market, catering to the teachers, health workers and creatives that make a city. But do people really want to live in tiny homes?

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    Boat-dwellers: young Brits take to the waterways

    House prices in the UK have never been higher, and while some choose to sulk, others are getting creative. Some young people are heading to houseboats, with the number of Brits living on boats rising 50% between 2011 and 2015. But is life on the water as tranquil as it sounds?

  • Is Y:Cube the future of living in London?

    Is Y:Cube the future of living in London?

    The UK's YMCA has developed a living unit dubbed the Y:Cube. It offers a solution to the lack of affordable housing, particularly in large cities like London. The units are studio-like apartments made for single occupancy, and can even be stacked together.