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  • How can behavioural insights help solve society’s problems?
  • How can behavioural insights help solve society’s problems?
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How do you solve a problem with nudges?

How can lollipops, ‘wizards’ and dog shows help bring communities together and fight criminal or disruptive behaviour? Canvas8 spoke with Stevyn Colgan, author of Why Did the Policeman Cross the Road? and Nudgestock speaker, to find out how you can nudge people to solve a problem.

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“I joined the police for all the wrong reasons,” says Stevyn Colgan, former member of the award-winning Metropolitan Police Problem Solving Unit and author of Why Did the Policeman Cross the Road? “Around the age of 17-18, I ended up making a £50 bet with my dad that I couldn’t survive six months as a cop. What I thought right from the onset was that policing was being done arse about face – all the energy was going into tidying up after crimes had been committed. Yet if you ask people ‘would you rather be burgled, but ...



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