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  • A digital date night for couples in different cities
  • A digital date night for couples in different cities
    William Stitt (2016) ©

Let’s Gaze: movie nights for long-distance couples

‘Netflix and chill’ is more than a euphemism – 67% of people say it’s more fun to watch films and shows with their partner than alone, and 58% would opt for a night with Netflix over a visit to the cinema. Now, thanks to Let’s Gaze, distance doesn’t have to stop couples having a cosy night in together.

Location Northern Europe / Global

It’s date night. You’ve got the lights dimmed, a bowl of popcorn, and are all cosied up under a blanket ready to watch a movie. You and your partner talk about recent reviews, before settling on a movie and pressing play. It might sound like a regular night in for a couple, but with Let’s Gaze, your other half could be sharing in the experience from 4,000 miles away





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