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  • Dozing off at the office can be beneficial
  • Dozing off at the office can be beneficial
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InnerSpace: power-napping on the job

Nothing beats a good nap, but it can be tough to find a peaceful spot to snooze in. Sleepbox makes private cabins that can be installed in public places, and its new InnerSpace model is designed specifically for offices, enabling tired workers to grab some much-needed shut-eye on the job.

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Nothing beats a good nap, whether that’s dozing off for 20 minutes while commuting or getting a full hour between chores at home. "If you ask [regular nappers], they'll be aware they're getting benefit; they're more alert, have better moods and they're feeling sharper," says Kimberly A. Cote, a psychology professor at Brock University in Ontario. "If you're talking about a healthy adult population, I think just about anyone could benefit from a nap." [1]

Yet it’s often difficult to find a peaceful spot to snooze in; nodding off at your desk doesn’t offer quite ...



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    How can brands help us sleep better?

    Since the industrial revolution, sleep has been compromised for the sake of productivity. But as studies reveal its importance to physical and mental health, companies are beginning to encourage better slumber. How are tech and medicine stepping in to repay our collective sleep debt?

  • ‘Unsick days’ are keeping workers healthy

    ‘Unsick days’ are keeping workers healthy

    With people fearing that an hour to see a doctor up could make them miss a vital meeting or simply make them late, ZocDoc is allotting time specifically for preventative check-ups. And showing concern for employee health is just as good for a company’s constitution as its workforce.

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    What do people want from a job?

    Major corporations used to have their pick of the best minds as they left university. But there's now a talent shortage, and 53% of UK workers say that no amount of money could tempt them to a company with a poor employer brand. So how can businesses build their brand to attract the best applicants?

  • Casper is sending a Nap-mobile around America

    Casper is sending a Nap-mobile around America

    Struggling to stay awake as you walk home from a long day's work is an all too familiar concept. Wouldn’t it be great if a bed just appeared? For people in selected cities across the US, it’s a real possibility – a trailer kitted up with mattresses is roadtripping across America. Why?