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  • What’s behind the enduring appeal of Supreme?
  • What’s behind the enduring appeal of Supreme?
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Supreme: selling out to Gen Z hypebeasts

Streetwear brand Supreme is a bundle of contradictions. It’s affordable yet exclusive; ultra-rare but surprisingly easy to buy; and is both a high fashion collaborator and foundation of subcultural style. How has this niche label kept its cool, even while attracting gaggles of teens to its stores?

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"If you asked about Supreme's audience five years ago, there would only have been one answer," says Alec Leach, digital fashion editor at Highsnobiety. “The traditional Supreme customer was typically that really clued-up, quite internet-savvy streetwear guy that was really into stuff that nobody else had. They are still there; there are guys in their 40s that will still wear the pocket t-shirts and the classic jeans. But now it’s become a huge youth movement.” [1]

Over the past few years, cult brand Supreme has become the focal point of a youth subculture that thrives both online ...



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