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  • Can people trust charities to make a difference?
  • Can people trust charities to make a difference?
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What’s next for charities in a low-trust society?

High-profile news stories of fraud and mismanagement have seen public trust in the charity sector diminish. With Britons also put off by aggressive fundraising tactics and more carefully scrutinising how their donations are spent, how can charities regain people’s confidence and support?

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Britain’s charity sector is experiencing an identity crisis, with confidence ratings among people nationwide falling from 6.7 out of ten in 2014 to 5.7 in 2016. [1] This decline is perhaps unsurprising when considering the numerous scandals plaguing non-profits; the closure of Kids Company served as a case study in charity mismanagement, while there have been allegations of fraud within Oxfam and much media coverage following the accusations that aggressive charity pleas were behind the death of 92-year-old Olive Cooke. [2][3][4]

William Shawcross, chairman of the Charity Commission, believes that “charities ...



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    Barclays contactless: give to charity without cash

    British charities missed out on £80 million in 2016 due to cash-only donation systems. In an effort to combat this, Barclays has launched donation boxes that accept card-based payments, theorising that a seamless payment system could lead to a spike in random acts of giving.

  • Global trust is at an all-time low

    Global trust is at an all-time low

    The global population is plagued with doubt, with governments and media worldwide less trusted than ever. As people turn to tech to fill the void left by the institutions that are no longer dependable, industry giants are looking for ways to keep power from being synonymous with corruption.

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    Are charities ready for the future of giving?

    With only one in ten Brits donating through an app, and under half of those who interact with charities via social media going on to give money, the digital revolution has had a limited impact on fundraising. How can charities adapt to better accommodate the ways people behave and spend online?

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    Donate today! The science of giving

    We feel good when we give. Whether it’s time, money or skills, it doesn’t matter – we’ve all felt it. But helping a neighbour with some heavy lifting feels different to donating money to a foreign charity. Canvas8 sat down with Dr. Lara Aknin to understand what makes us feel good about giving.