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  • Can celebrating a split heal heartbreak?
  • Can celebrating a split heal heartbreak?
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Divorce Party Planner: ending married life in style

Divorce used to be a dirty word, but with almost half of marriages now ending this way, attitudes are adjusting. Increasingly, people are looking for a ritual to mark the end of married life, and however they want to usher in their new singledom, Divorce Party Planner is on hand to help.

Location North America / Northern Europe

“In the past, divorce was a big life transition that we didn’t have any ritual for,” explains Christine Gallagher, CEO of Divorce Party Planner. “It was very private and therefore very difficult emotionally. The party fulfils a need to recognise this huge life change and to have your friends and family there and to know that it’s okay and you’re still loved – that life goes on.” [1]





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    Break-Up Boss: a break-up aid for the digital age

    Breaking up is hard to do – and it’s gotten even more difficult since the advent of smartphones and social media. From resisting stalking an ex on Facebook to encouraging positive thoughts, Break-Up Boss promises to get people through the emotional aftermath of a freshly-ended relationship.

  • Getting fired is worse for you than getting divorced

    Getting fired is worse for you than getting divorced

    Break-ups are stressful  though it might be worse when it comes from your boss than your partner. Research suggests that getting fired causes a bigger plunge in wellbeing than getting divorced, and it's harder to bouce back; a broken heart can heal, but a gap on your CV is harder to repair.

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    Is ‘hook-up culture’ as bad as it sounds?

    The internet has transformed sex beyond recognition, but whether this change is for the better or worse is still open to discussion. We sit down with Lisa Wade, associate professor of sociology and author of American Hookup, to explore the behaviours attached to hook-up culture.

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    What does romance look like for Gen Y?

    As our lives become increasingly intertwined with tech, the ways we express romantic interest are evolving. But are Gen Yers interested in starting relationships online, or have they swiped left on digital romance? Canvas8 sat down with 20 Americans to find out what they think about love and dating.

  • An IKEA ad tackles the taboo of divorce

    An IKEA ad tackles the taboo of divorce

    Despite divorce rates in Europe being higher than ever, the majority of brands avoid talking about life after a split. But while it might not be part of traditional 'happy family' values, it’s all too real, and IKEA is tackling the taboo topic in its ‘Where Life Happens’ campaign.

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    How brands can help in an identity crisis

    Are you a 20-something with commitment issues? A 40-something on a skateboard? Or a 70-something that feels overlooked? If you haven’t had an identity crisis, you haven’t lived. By understanding people at different times in life, we can design products that add pleasure or alleviate their pain.

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    Where should brands fit into our life stories?

    Storytelling has become a guiding principle for great marketing, letting companies neatly fit into consumers’ lives. But with one well-timed ad capable of changing someone’s shopping habits for years, how can brands address our milestone moments without seeming opportunistic?

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    PANKs: the women nurturing nieces and nephews instead of having kids

    In the US, 47% of women of childbearing age are childless. Reports suggest these women are ‘wealthier, healthier and happier’ than mothers. But while this may be true, another group of non-mums are identifying as PANKs; Professional Aunts, No Kids. So who’s joining the ranks of the PANKs?