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  • Does the sandwich still reign supreme?
  • Does the sandwich still reign supreme?
    Garry Knight, Creative Commons (2016) ©

How do you decide what to eat for lunch?

The sandwich is the one of Britain’s most iconic culinary inventions, and a lunchtime staple for many. But what drives people to opt for a sarnie, salad or soup during the work day? Canvas8 sat down with 20 men and women from across the UK to find out how they decide what to munch for lunch.

Location United Kingdom

The sandwich is the one of the most iconic British culinary inventions, with people across the country eating over 11.5 billion of them each year, contributing to a segment that was valued at £7.25 billion in 2014. [1][2] And what better way to celebrate this cultural artefact than with British Sandwich Week?

According to research commissioned by Lurpak, the humble cheese sandwich remains Britain’s favourite lunch – but given the abundance of choice on high streets and supermarket shelves, what makes people settle on one food option over another? [3] Is ...



  • Article image One Carter Lane: boosting wellbeing in the office

    It might look like a regular office block from the outside, but One Carter Lane is more than just a place where people spend their nine-to-five. As the first building in Europe to gain WELL certification, the project was built from the ground up with the wellbeing of its future occupants in mind.

  • Article image Is mealtime over?

    The customs of mealtime have long cemented bonds within families and communities. But in UK households, the average dinner prep time is down to just 34 minutes. As cultures overlap and the pace of life increases, how are the traditions of mealtime being reshaped to keep up?

  • Article image Are we all emotional eaters?

    In her 2016 book First Bite, food writer Bee Wilson drew on research from food psychologists and neuroscientists to reveal how people’s food habits are shaped. Speaking with Canvas8, she explains the influence of family, memory, gender and love on the things we eat as children and adults.

  • Article image How often do you eat fast food and why?

    While Instagram may be flooded with pics of smoothies and seaweed, 23% of Brits order a takeaway at least once a week. So just how healthy are the nation’s eating habits? Canvas8 sat down with 20 men and women to find out how often they eat fast food, and why sometimes only a burger will do.

  • Article image What makes guilty pleasures so appealing?

    From playlists we hope no-one ever finds to the foods we only eat alone, everyone has at least one guilty pleasure. But does keeping quiet about one’s secret loves heighten the feel-good factor, or simply contribute to cultural snobbery? And how might brands rethink the use of guilt as an emotion?

  • UK restaurant chains are too basic UK restaurant chains are too basic

    What’s the UK’s favourite high street restaurant chain? Nandos? Pizza Express? Zizzi? While they all rank highly as Brits' go-to places for affordable eats, a survey of 2,000 diners has found that 62% consider the food available on high streets to be ‘far too basic.’

  • Article image City Pantry: bringing street food to meeting rooms

    Be it a gourmet burger, falafel wrap or hand-held curry, 2.5 billion people around the world tuck into some form of street food every day. City Pantry now wants to bring that succulent grub into offices, replacing the usual corporate fare of stale sandwiches. Can it revolutionise the city lunch?

  • Giving back with a £1 lunch Giving back with a £1 lunch

    O2 Priority has announced a new deal for customers – a lunch for £1 every Monday. Food will be available from four well known vendors, including Domino's Pizza and Upper Crust. With this special offer, the mobile provider aims to give something back to its customers.