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  • Cheap coffee without the cheap taste
  • Cheap coffee without the cheap taste
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Locol: democratising artisanal food and drink

In New York, it’s possible to spend $18 on a single cup of coffee, yet while it may be higher quality than a regular old americano, not everyone can justify such an indulgence. Enter Locol, a 'revolutionary fast food chain' that’s on a mission to make artisanal food and drink affordable.

Location United States

The coffee revolution isn’t big news for everyone. Whether you’re in New York or London, Paris or Shanghai, artisanal independent cafés or bakeries are ten a penny. In fact, we’re presently experiencing the ‘third wave of coffee’ – defined as the movement that appreciates coffee as an artisan or craft beverage. [1] Yet while some people may be willing to pay through the nose for a cup of coffee that has supposedly been crafted with care and attention, is this third wave leaving the average person behind? Locol is a socially responsible chain looking to provide good ...



  • Article image Everytable: making healthy food affordable

    Healthy food is rarely cheap or convenient in the US, leading many people to settle for junk options instead. The issue is exacerbated in low-income areas, where access to nutritious fare is often limited. Everytable aims change this, offering healthy meals priced based on local income levels.

  • Article image 365 by Whole Foods: democratising a healthy diet

    Popularised by picture-perfect Instagrammers, the clean eating aesthetic isn't accessible to many – and neither are the stores that stock organic goods. But while Whole Foods has gained a reputation as the grocery chain for wealthy health freaks, its latest venture intends to change that.

  • Article image Press’d: a pocket-sized instant coffee boost

    Instant coffee has become a British staple. We consume it by the litre each day, but has the era of granulated bitterness come to an end? While artisanal coffee shops offer an alternative to international chains, Press’d is looking to shake up the instant industry with its liquid coffee concentrate.

  • Article image Starbucks Reserve: serving up $7 'premium' coffees

    A ‘cup of Joe’ has become a staple in the American diet. At one end of the market Starbucks has made a name for itself selling flavoured coffees, and at the other end ‘gourmet’ coffee has become a daily choice for 34% of Americans. But can rare brews and a theatrical experience convince customers that Starbucks is now a contender in the ‘premium’ coffee market?