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  • How are Gen Zers getting their political fix?
  • How are Gen Zers getting their political fix?
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Teen Vogue: fusing fashion and politics

Once known for beauty tips and celebrity interviews, Teen Vogue relaunched in 2015 with a trio of young editors at the helm and a renewed focus on socially-conscious content. How did the ‘cool girl’s guide to fashion’ become an all-round mentor for America’s switched-on Gen Zers?

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In December 2016, shortly after the US election, an article titled ‘Donald Trump Is Gaslighting America’ caught the collective attention of the internet. The piece – arguing that the president-elect was destabilising the truth in order to psychologically manipulate the population – went viral and racked up over 1.3 million hits. [1] But the post didn’t come from Politico or The New York Times – it was written by 25-year-old Teen Vogue columnist Lauren Duca.

Many were surprised, with NPR media correspondent David Folkenflik tweeting: “Did not expect this exegesis of gaslighting and its relationship ...



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    Why do emotions trump facts?

    If Faisal Islam, Ralph Keyes and the New York Times are to be believed, the Trump candidacy and the vote for Brexit show we've entered a post-truth era – a world where emotion and populism win out over facts and experts. But is it true? And do emotional appeals really trump facts and figures?

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    Gal-Dem: a digital zine for young women of colour

    In the digital age, being part of a minority group no longer has to mean feeling alone; a range of online platforms are letting people connect through their ethnic and cultural identities. Gal-Dem takes key talking points for young women of colour and provides a space in which they can be discussed.

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    Obsessee: media for dot-com-ditching Gen Zers

    The all-consuming popularity of mobile platforms like Instagram and Snapchat among teens hints that the World Wide Web may be in fast decline. In an effort to connect with these app-happy Gen Zers, media brand Obsessee is ditching the dot-com and publishing directly to social channels.

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    WhoHaha: a digital stage for funny females

    Women in comedy have long been overshadowed by their male counterparts on TV, in films and, more recently, in the world of online humour. Can WhoHaha, an online portal founded by actor and director Elizabeth Banks, get girls giggling with material made by their fellow females?