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  • Does exurban life offer the ideal balance?
  • Does exurban life offer the ideal balance?
    Joe St. Pierre, Creative Commons (2015) ©

Why American Gen Yers are moving to the exurbs

Owning a home is still part of the American dream for Gen Y, but many are being priced out of cities, leading them to seek a place in the exurbs instead. As they trade hectic urban life for a quieter existence between suburbia and rural regions, what can we learn about this generation of home buyers?

Location United States

Located on the outer fringe of cities, between suburbia and rural America, lie the exurbs. Built just beyond the commuter belt of metro areas, these communities are home to over 32 million people with a median household income of $63,000. [1] With their larger homes, big box stores and chain restaurants, the exurbs have not necessarily been the first choice for many young home-seekers accustomed to vibrant downtown living. Yet changes in economic and social circumstances, especially among older Gen Yers, have turned properties in these locations into much sought-after real estate for those looking to settle ...



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    City authorities are increasing transparency on changes made to urban landscapes. Giving suggestions ranging from new buildings to bike lanes, City Swipe takes cues from dating apps, allowing users to voice their approval or concerns on potential developments in their local area with a few swipes.

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    Agritopia is one in a growing number of developments known as agrihoods springing up across the US. Built around working farmland, they aim to reintroduce community spirit and agriculture to the anti-social suburban sprawl. But what exactly is the appeal of these neighbourhoods?

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    Gen Yers have swapped suburbia for city life in their version of the American Dream. But with skyrocketing rent costs, shrinking square footage and a lonesome lifestyle, urban living isn’t always easy. Commonspace is a living solution for some of the sore spots of city life.

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