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  • How can tech help people through the break-up blues?
  • How can tech help people through the break-up blues?
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Break-Up Boss: a break-up aid for the digital age

Breaking up is hard to do – and it’s gotten even more difficult since the advent of smartphones and social media. From resisting stalking an ex on Facebook to encouraging positive thoughts, Break-Up Boss promises to get people through the emotional aftermath of a freshly-ended relationship.

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“Break-ups, generally speaking, and there are always exceptions, take over our lives, personalities, work, diet, TV-watching choices and desire for alcoholic beverages, and quite frankly, this has to stop,” writes Australian author and columnist Zoë Foster-Blake. “Life is too short not to learn and grow from our romantic upheavals, then move the hell forward.” [1]

It’s surely only the very few (and perhaps the very lucky) among us who have never felt the stress and varying levels of pain that heartbreak brings. Foster-Blake’s new app, Break-Up Boss, aims to tackle this hardest of times, helping users get ...



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    What does romance look like for Gen Y?

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    Why we gave up novels for nonfiction

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    Nihilist memes: misery goes viral

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