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  • The home-buying process is getting an overhaul
  • The home-buying process is getting an overhaul
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How house-hunting has gone digital

Three-quarters of young Britons would like to buy their own property within the next five years, but the cut-throat nature of the market and the complexity of getting a mortgage may hinder their plans. How might the increasing digitisation of the real estate sector make home-buying less daunting?

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The cut-throat nature of the housing market and crippling student loans mean that property choices for Gen Y are far more limited than for their predecessors. Between 2003 and 2015, overall home-ownership in the UK declined seven percentage points, with a fall of 20 points among 25- to 34-year-olds. [1] What’s more, with 11 potential buyers for each available property in early 2017, the level of competition is fierce. [2]

Consequently, some are turning to alternative lifestyles to solve their accommodation problems; Diggers and Dreamers caters to those interested in communal living, while ...



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    Opendoor: selling your house in a few clicks

    Buying and selling a house are ranked among the most stressful things one can do in life. Opendoor, a Silicon Valley start-up, aims to change all that, promising to put your house on the market with just a few clicks. But will Americans really trust a pricing algorithm over an estate agent?

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    Boat-dwellers: young Brits take to the waterways

    House prices in the UK have never been higher, and while some choose to sulk, others are getting creative. Some young people are heading to houseboats, with the number of Brits living on boats rising 50% between 2011 and 2015. But is life on the water as tranquil as it sounds?

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    The Modern House: selling houses with property porn

    Estate agents are up there with solicitors and bankers as the most despised professions. They’re stereotypically pushy, cheesy, con artists. The Modern House is different. Started by two former design journalists, it doesn’t sell by postcode or price, instead listing only beautifully designed properties.

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    How Gen X and Y are buying a house in the US

    A fifth of US renters spend more than half of their salary on housing. And with many others pushed towards long-term renting by student loans, an unstable job market or negative financial factors, Gen X and Y are finally stepping on to the property market. How are they going about their house hunt?