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  • Is One Carter Lane Europe’s healthiest workplace?
  • Is One Carter Lane Europe’s healthiest workplace?
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One Carter Lane: boosting wellbeing in the office

It might look like a regular office block from the outside, but One Carter Lane is more than just a place where people spend their nine-to-five. As the first building in Europe to gain WELL certification, the project was built from the ground up with the wellbeing of its future occupants in mind.

Location United Kingdom

The plain external appearance of London's One Carter Lane stands in stark contrast to the neighbouring majesty of St Paul’s Cathedral – and the interior is just as different. Upon entering, one will find a number of communal areas with low soft lighting, and plenty of natural materials like oaks and pine, with plants scattered around the area. But this isn’t a residential building – it’s an office.





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    How the workplace is getting fit and healthy

    As the traditional nine-to-five becomes less relevant for present and future workers, Britons are expecting their employers to offer more to help make them happy, healthy and successful. With the costs of low productivity mounting, how can businesses boost wellbeing in the workplace?

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    What are the characteristics of a good leader? Being assertive and powerful, or empathetic and ethical? Canvas8 spoke with Danielle Harlan, CEO of the Center for Advancing Leadership and Human Potential and author of The New Alpha, to learn what effective leadership looks like in 2017 and beyond.

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    What do people want from a job?

    Major corporations used to have their pick of the best minds as they left university. But there's now a talent shortage, and 53% of UK workers say that no amount of money could tempt them to a company with a poor employer brand. So how can businesses build their brand to attract the best applicants?

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    The Edge: for a smart, sustainable nine to five

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