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  • How are brands fighting gender stereotypes in Saudi Arabia?
  • How are brands fighting gender stereotypes in Saudi Arabia?
    Pepsi Arabia (2017) ©

Pepsi: inspiring Saudi women to take up sports

Gender equality is steadily improving in Saudi Arabia, but it's yet to impact sport – 73% of women in the country are physically inactive. Looking to challenge this status quo, Pepsi's latest advert for the region showcases successful female athletes, and encourages women to get exercising.

Location Saudi Arabia

In the middle of a desert, female kickboxer Halah Al-Hamrani defends herself against three virtual metallic wolves, scaring one off with a roar. Meanwhile, CrossFit and calisthenics trainer Amal Baatia fights off two monster trucks with nothing more than ropes. It might sound like an action sequence from a blockbuster movie, but it’s actually a new ad from Pepsi Arabia, designed to empower young Saudi women to take up sports.





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