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  • How can gadgets help keep us healthy?
  • How can gadgets help keep us healthy?
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Is wearable tech the future of health?

Technology at home and work plays a major role in sedentary lifestyles – but could it also provide a solution? Younger generations are embracing mobile apps and smart devices to monitor their physical condition, and their approach to nutrition and fitness is evolving the definition of ‘health’.

Location North America / Northern Europe

Launched in 1987, the evolution of Men’s Health over the past three decades has reflected the changing definition of ‘health’, moving away from associations with traditional medicine to span areas such as fitness, nutrition, relationships and lifestyle. Along the way, the publication has established itself as the world's largest men's magazine brand, with a readership of 60 million people in 65 countries. [1]

It is no great surprise that the magazine is doing so well; the topic of health is relevant across generations, extending far back into history. It’s naturally important to those whose wellbeing is ...



  • Article image Could apps solve America’s mental health crisis?

    With more than 44 million adults having a mental health condition and rates of depression and suicide on the rise among younger generations, America’s mental health crisis shows no sign of easing in the near future. How might mobile apps enable people to better manage their wellbeing?

  • Article image 2019 Expert Outlook on Health

    Why is digestive health growing in importance? Have organic medicines reached mainstream status? How can individuals take more ownership over their wellbeing? In this part of the 2019 Expert Outlook, we speak to three experts about the changing ways in which people are taking care of themselves.

  • Article image How is FemTech changing attitudes to female health?

    FemTech is a booming market both in the UK and worldwide. Inherently feminist in its values, its success has shown a real willingness to open up the discussion about female health and wellness. As it continues to grow, how is technology helping women solve issues that have long felt ignored?

  • Healthier Tech Healthier Tech

    With technology’s ubiquity in modern life, media narratives have traditionally either celebrated or demonised its societal and personal effects. But as the dust settles, people are coming to a more nuanced understanding of how technology impacts them. As a result, they’re now looking to learn how to manage their relationship with tech – something they’re expecting brands to lend a hand with.