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  • What kind of domestic tech do people desire?
  • What kind of domestic tech do people desire?
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What’s holding the smart home back?

As people grow more familiar with the Internet of Things, smart home tech is set to proliferate. Yet while there’s a demand for certain specific devices, most people either don’t know how the tech works or are put off by high prices. So is the smart home revolution really around the corner?

Location North America / Northern Europe

In early 2017, guests at an upmarket hotel in the Alps briefly found themselves locked out of their rooms due to an unprecedented cyber attack. Hackers took control of the hotel’s security system and demanded a payment of €1,500 in Bitcoin, which was swiftly paid. [1] This is believed to be the first case of its kind, but as smart home technology gains popularity, the dangers – and global interest – that were exposed speak volumes about appetites and anxieties around the prospect of connecting everything in our homes to the web.

Experts are predicting – not ...



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