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  • Personalised skin care for the conscious consumer
  • Personalised skin care for the conscious consumer
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Make It Make It: natural, DIY beauty made easy

Skin care products often have a long list of complex ingredients, and with a growing awareness of the chemical nasties in cosmetics, Make It Make It is offering an alternative. Its all-natural DIY kits, which are mixed up at home, ensure people understand exactly what’s going on their skin.

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Most people will have looked at the label of a face cream or cleanser and come across some unfamiliar, unpronounceable ingredient. But with nearly 60% of American women reading product labels before deciding to purchase, and nearly half of beauty shoppers buying ‘natural’, Make It Make It (MIMI) is tackling concerns people may have around chemical nasties, helping discerning consumers get the best for their skin through organic DIY cosmetics. [1][2]

The mounting interest in natural skin care, and the subsequent abundance of products being developed, is expected to fuel this global market to a ...



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    REN Anti-pollution Mist: skincare for city-dwellers

    Pollution masks may be commonplace in China, but now Westerners are increasingly looking to protect themselves against bad air quality, too. With 73% of Londoners worrying about air pollution, REN Flash Defence Mist is anti-pollution skincare that can ease their concerns when it comes to their skin.

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    How is customisation revolutionising beauty?

    The beauty world is being transformed by new technologies that personalise products to the individual, offering perfectly blended foundation and uniquely formulated hair care. How might customisation impact this historically segregated sector? And could tailored cosmetics become the norm?

  • DECIEM shows great skin care doesn’t have to be pricey

    DECIEM shows great skin care doesn’t have to be pricey

    From face washes to costly serums, looking after your skin isn’t cheap. But the latest brand from innovative beauty company DECIEM is looking to change that. The Ordinary is challenging the premium skin care segment by offering up effective, no-nonsense products at affordable prices.

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    Ritual: ‘clean’ vitamins for the wellness generation

    We can’t get enough of supplements – half of Americans take them regularly – but with little evidence to support their health claims and worries over their contents, people are looking for clarity and transparency. Ritual delivers both, providing a ‘clean label’ vitamin for the wellness movement.