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  • The FC logo paving the way to the future of football
  • The FC logo paving the way to the future of football
    Juventus (2017) ©

Juventus: transforming a team into a lifestyle brand

In early 2017, Italy’s most successful domestic FC got a newer, slicker logo. But it’s more than just a redesign – its creators claim the logo is intended to catapult the Juventus brand beyond the football pitch, transforming it into a lifestyle brand. Is this the future of the football club?

Location Global / Southern Europe

“I saw the future of music in the 1970s,” says pioneering electronic musician Giorgio Moroder, speaking at the unveiling of a new logo for Italy’s most successful and widely supported domestic football club. [1] “Now, Juventus have seen the future of football.” [2]

He may not be the first commentator that comes to mind when seeking a view on a new football badge, but his views do resonate, pointing to the wider significance of this new logo, beyond how it’ll look on a football strip. But why is is it so important, and what ...



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