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  • Soft skills in a leader can have a big impact
  • Soft skills in a leader can have a big impact
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How are New Alphas redefining leadership?

What are the characteristics of a good leader? Being assertive and powerful, or empathetic and ethical? Canvas8 spoke with Danielle Harlan, CEO of the Center for Advancing Leadership and Human Potential and author of The New Alpha, to learn what effective leadership looks like in 2017 and beyond.

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“Leadership matters,” said Danielle Harlan in her 2015 TEDx talk, 'Reimagining Leadership for the 21st Century'. “The people who make decisions at the top affect our lives in ways big and small. Everything from how well the economy is doing, to the education system, to the equality in America. Even at the micro level, leadership affects how much you enjoy your job, how much money you make, how far you're able to advance. But we have a leadership problem at all levels and across multiple sectors.”

Her point is validated by studies that suggest a widespread lack ...



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    What do Americans look for in a political leader?

    As Americans prepare to elect a new president, what qualities are they looking for in their future leader? What values do they idealise, and what traits are non-negotiable? Canvas8 sat down with 20 men and women from across the US to find out what they think makes prime presidential material.

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    A cultural snapshot of the United States

    How are citizen journalists challenging traditional media? Why are grandparents becoming a more important part of the family? And why are students under more pressure than ever? This Cultural Snapshot uses local statistics and case studies to explore the behavioural norms shared by Americans in 2016.

  • Good leaders alter followers' brainwaves

    Good leaders alter followers' brainwaves

    How do you define a leader? How does listening to a friend differ to listening to someone you look up to? For neuroscientists, it’s physical. When a leader-follower relationship is successfully established, the two parties actually mirror each other’s brainwaves.

  • Cultural values shape the smiles of our leaders

    Cultural values shape the smiles of our leaders

    As the US prepares to elect a new president, they may subconsciously be choosing the leader whose facial expressions best reflect their cultural values. A Stanford study has found a link between the values of a nation and the smiles of its business and government leaders.