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  • An underdog brand for underdog shoppers
  • An underdog brand for underdog shoppers
    Aldi (2017) ©

Aldi: proving that people still love an underdog

Aldi has built a perception of itself as an unpretentious supermarket for the cost-conscious. And by using techniques typical of challenger brands – through self-effacing humour and the use of ‘real people’ in ad campaigns – it’s capturing the hearts (and wallets) of the British public.

Location United Kingdom

Since the ‘60s, brands from Avis to Apple have succeeded by pushing the ‘challenger’ model. "The strongest narrative for challenger brands that's emerged in recent years is this idea of the people's champion," says Adam Morgan, author of Eating the Big Fish. "The organisation is taking on a big, established player – not to make money for themselves, but to fight for what's right for the consumer." [1] Years on, this is still true – and today’s challengers are taking things step further by personifying the consumers they’re championing.

Aldi has built a ...



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