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  • Reimagining charades for the smartphone age
  • Reimagining charades for the smartphone age
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Heads Up: shareable mobile gaming for the masses

Video gaming has evolved from arcades to bedrooms to mobiles – and it’s now merging into the real world. Heads Up, which emerged from The Ellen DeGeneres Show, blurs the boundaries between screens and reality, letting people play a parlour game on their phone and share the results online.

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Mobile is very likely the future of gaming; in 2016, the iOS App Store and Google Play generated more than $35 billion from apps, with games accounting for 75% and 90% of each platform’s revenue respectively. Pokémon GO raked in $950 million by the end of the year, smashing records and challenging preconceptions about who plays video games. [1]

Yet the segment still has a long way to go. While Pokémon GO may have showcased the power of augmented reality, the future of mobile gaming will see the boundaries between screen and reality dissolve even ...



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    Pokémon GO: the playground craze attracting all ages

    Gen Yers may have swapped playgrounds for office spaces and Gameboys for smartphones since the mid-’90s, but it seems they’re playing the same old games. What is it about Pokémon GO that’s gotten audiences of all ages hooked on a craze that many grew out of before the turn of the century?

  • Nintendo to migrate to smartphone

    Nintendo to migrate to smartphone

    Would Pikachu still seem the same if you played Pokémon on any device other than the gameboy? What about Mario? Or Zelda? Would you still get that same pang of nostalgia? Fans won’t have to wait long to find out, as Nintendo reveals plans to migrate its gaming offering to smartphones.

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    Kim Kardashian: Hollywood: the trashy mag of the gaming world

    Nearly 70% of US mobile gamers are women, but they're underserved. Ungendered or male-oriented games dominate. Celebutante simulator Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is disrupting the market with more than a million downloads in the first two weeks, but what’s caused this game to skyrocket to the top of the App Store?

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    Why video games are not just for teenage boys

    The word 'gamer' might make you think of teens in darkened bedrooms. In reality, over 60% of all American gamers are adults, and the average gamer is a 30-year-old with a job and family. But why do we play games beyond childhood? And is the way we play as adults any different?