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  • Fashion good enough to go viral
  • Fashion good enough to go viral
    Vetememes (2017) ©

Vetememes: official knock-offs for luxury lovers

French label Vetements has turned heads in the fashion industry ever since it rose to fame for selling a $330 replica of a DHL driver’s uniform t-shirt. Now, it’s endorsed internet-era copycat Vetememes, in a move that proves it understands a younger, more internet-savvy luxury consumer.

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Luxury fashion brands were among the last to embrace social media and exploit the internet. [1] Social media is – by design – the opposite of exclusive, which goes against the very definition of luxury. But with the high-end consumer getting younger every day and tech-savvy generations beginning to earning more – Gen Yers are set to comprise three-quarters of luxury purchases by 2020 – high-fashion brands are accepting tech and becoming a little more internet-savvy. [2]

Against this backdrop, appearing on an influencer’s Instagram can be as important as appearing in a ...



  • Fashion brands are faking themselves

    Fashion brands are faking themselves

    The fashion world is full of copies, counterfeits and ‘inspired by’ pieces, often making it difficult to distinguish between real and fake. But as a new breed of designers toy with the very definition of 'authentic', some brands are opting for a new strategy to stay relevant – bootlegging themselves.

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    #TommyNow: luxury fashion you can see now, buy now

    They say good things come to those who wait – but for those hunting haute couture, the six months between seasons can be a bit of a drag. All that is about to change as the ‘see now, buy now’ model establishes itself in the luxury fashion scene. Could this be the industry’s ‘Uber moment’?

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    Hublot x Sang Bleu: watches with counter-culture cachet

    Once staunchly anti-social, with working-class roots, tattoos are experiencing a renaissance. A new collaboration between Swiss watchmaker Hublot and tattooist Maxime Buchi is the latest in counter-culture luxe, demonstrating that distinctions between high and low culture have all but disappeared.

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    Moschino Barbie collection: it’s chic to be cheeky

    In the US, there are 11.8 million Gen Yers living in households with six-figure incomes, and many want to treat themselves to luxury items. For a market filled with these tech-savvy and social media-driven shoppers, instant gratification is crucial. But how are brands getting this group to splurge?