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  • The hunt for the perfect foundation is going mobile
  • The hunt for the perfect foundation is going mobile
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How is customisation revolutionising beauty?

The beauty world is being transformed by new technologies that personalise products to the individual, offering perfectly blended foundation and uniquely formulated hair care. How might customisation impact this historically segregated sector? And could tailored cosmetics become the norm?

Location North America / Northern Europe

Finding the perfect foundation can be nearly as daunting as finding a partner. In fact, research by Sephora suggests that, on average, a woman will buy the wrong colour foundation seven times before finding her ideal shade. [1] Now, new technologies are making this task as easy as a swipe and a tap – and with the beauty industry continually failing women of colour, it’s a change that’s been a long time coming. [2]

Apps such as MatchCo and Melange Beauty (whose user base is 60% non-Caucasian), hold the promise ...



  • Make It Make It lets you mix your own skin care

    Make It Make It lets you mix your own skin care

    Want to know exactly what's going into your weekly face mask? Why not make it yourself? Make It Make It is offering ingredient kits that allows ‘clean beauty’ addicts to mix up their perfect skin care remedies, free from undesirable chemicals and parabens.

  • MatchCo is an app that creates custom foundation

    MatchCo is an app that creates custom foundation

    Japanese cosmetics giant Shiseido has bought start-up MatchCo, which provides people with a personalised foundation that matches their skin tone. This innovation supports the growing desire for personalised products, and demonstrates how tech can help beauty brands adapt.  

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    IonActive Power Treatment: science-driven skin care

    Facials used to be an excuse for a relaxing hour of pampering in the spa – but that’s not the case any more. Many beauty professionals are now offering advanced, science-driven cosmeceutical therapies – like Dermalogica’s IonActive Power Treatment – to satisfy a desire for visible results.

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    My Beauty Matches: beauty advice driven by data

    With e-commerce accounting for just 6.2% of beauty sales, it’s clear that the industry is still ruled by the high street. Offering an alternative to in-store assistants, My Beauty Matches uses a data-led approach to generate personalised product advice. Can it convince people to buy beauty goods online?