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  • There’s beauty to be found in flaws
  • There’s beauty to be found in flaws
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What’s so Zen about imperfection?

Whether it's chipped furniture, ‘ugly’ food or unconventional beauty, societal mindsets are shifting to a greater acceptance of imperfection. With Eastern spirituality influencing Western lifestyles, can the spirit of Zen help brands connect with a generation that’s done trying to be perfect?

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From supermarket chains selling ‘ugly’ produce to activists challenging the fashion industry’s expectations of women, imperfection is steadily being normalised across sectors. [1] It’s a shift being led by younger generations, who have grown up amid various global crises and acknowledge that not everything in life will be ideal. “They want to see their world in the ad world,” says Jamie Gutfreund, CMO of digital agency Wunderman. “They want it to be realistic. They don't expect perfection.” [2]

This attitude may also reflect a stand against the pressures of conformity. With one in ten ...



  • Social media damages body image more than mass media

    Social media damages body image more than mass media

    Compared to billboards and the big screen, Instagram might seem innocuous in shaping damaging body ideals – but it’s actually at the forefront of image problems. With social media masquerading as honest and real, people are forgetting that it can be just as airbrushed as other media.

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    Deliciously Stella: satirising the #eatclean craze

    Instagram is awash with wellness bloggers posting pics of macrobiotic salads and Lycra-clad abs. How’s the average person expected to keep up? Bella Younger glamorises an alternative lifestyle with Deliciously Stella, choosing crisps over kale and a deep-fat fryer over a NutriBullet.

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    Asda’s wonky veg box: fighting food waste with discounts

    It’s not often that a cardboard container filled with rejected veggies inspires an online frenzy, but then Asda’s wonky veg box is no ordinary product. Simultaneously battling food waste, poor diet and stretched budgets, these bundles of ugly greens have hit a rich seam of consumer desire.

  • The perfect imperfect pizza

    The perfect imperfect pizza

    What makes a great pizza? According to Pizza Hut, it's about making sure their customers know each pizza is hand-tossed - so they're adding a few imperfections. Rough around the edges, these pizzas make for a more authentic experience.