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  • What does it mean to be an Aussie in 2017?
  • What does it mean to be an Aussie in 2017?
    Barney Moss, Creative Commons (2015) ©

A Cultural Snapshot of Australia

Why are a growing number of Aussies passing on parenthood? How is the ‘fair go’ mantra evolving? And what does avocado have to do with buying a house Down Under? This Cultural Snapshot uses local statistics and case studies to explore behavioural norms shared by Australians in 2017.

Location Australia

Culture is notoriously difficult to define. You might know culture when you see it, but could you describe it? For us, culture means the behavioural norms shared by a group of people – the things that are learned socially, rather than inherited genetically. So culture doesn’t drive the desire to eat, but it plays a big part in determining what food you choose.

It’s also constantly on the move. Some aspects of it faster than others. Anthropologist Grant McCracken divides it into ‘fast’ and ‘slow’. Slow culture shifts over centuries, while fast culture can change in just a few ...



  • Article image Side hustlers: second-jobbing for a new generation

    From Etsy stores to YouTube channels, a generation of young people are starting up their own 'side hustle’ outside of the regular nine-to-five. What’s driving these predominantly Gen Y workers to trade their free time for toil, and what does this reveal of their changing values and lifestyles?

  • Article image What does being a man mean Down Under?

    From Crocodile Dundee to Russell Crowe, there are plenty of archetypal images of Australian masculinity. But with men facing growing social pressure to look good and be emotionally available while continuing to fulfil traditional ideals, how are Aussie men handling the pressure?

  • Article image What does the beach mean to Australians?

    The beach holds a privileged place in the Australian psyche. Synonymous with down time Down Under, it’s a particularly important part of the nation’s leisurely lifestyle. But is this really still true? What role does the beach play in contemporary Aussie living – and spending?

  • Article image How charitable are Australians?

    Nothing in Australia goes down better than a good charity moustache, or running hundreds of kilometres in the name of a good cause. But between 2010 and 2016, the nation lost the top spot in the Charity Giving Index, falling six places. Is there a sudden shortage of generosity Down Under?