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  • A costlier condiment for a luxurious feast
  • A costlier condiment for a luxurious feast
    Giuliano Griffante, Creative Commons (2016) ©

SoSo Factory: gourmet salt in Instagrammable eggs

Salt may be on many people’s dietary blacklists as they seek to avoid cardiac incidents, yet that’s not stopped Spanish brand SoSo Factory from opening its first specialist store dedicated to the stuff. With the public increasingly health-conscious, what’s behind the popularity of gourmet salt?

Location Southern Europe / Global

Following years of advice promoted by medical organisations worldwide, salt has established itself on many people’s dietary blacklists. Yet the market for gourmet versions is expanding, and Spanish brand SoSo Factory, which produces a selection of flavoured and spiced salts in eye-catching packaging, has even launched a specialist shop in the city of Murcia. How has it gained popularity amid high-profile warnings against over-consumption and an increasingly health-conscious public?





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