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  • Activity drinking has evolved from pub quizzes to ping pong
  • Activity drinking has evolved from pub quizzes to ping pong
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Why are people playing with their pints?

Activity drinking used to involve a game of pool at a bar or a few pints at the bowling alley. But venues and event organisers are now offering good value and a full evening of entertainment by combining food, booze and social games of bingo, ping pong and crazy golf – all in one location.

Location United Kingdom

In November 2016, the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan made comedian and broadcaster Amy Lamé the capital’s new nightlife tsar. The appointment is a sign of just how much of a beating London’s clubbing and pub scene has been taken in recent years. With 21 pubs closing every week across the UK in the first half of 2016, these are tough times for traditional sellers of booze. [1]

One of the issues these establishments face is that people don't want to sit in shadowy corners necking cheap lager anymore. It you listen to the likes of Matt ...



  • Article image Rebel Bingo: a low stakes, high energy night out

    Boasting burlesque dancers and glitter cannons, Rebel Bingo is a world away from the hush of traditional bingo halls stereotypically frequented by older men and women. This mutant strain of the game is taking over venues worldwide, but will it be enough to boost the struggling industry?

  • Flight Club makes darts cool Flight Club makes darts cool

    While a game of darts may once have conjured up images of old men in dingy pubs, it's become one of the most popular sports in the world. Shoreditch-based bar Flight Club now wants to 'blow apart the classic pub game', and with Gen Y’s love for all things nostalgic, it looks set to be a hit.

  • Article image Alcohol Architecture: getting drunk on cloud nine

    How do you take your favourite alcoholic beverage? Straight? On the rocks? With ice and lemon? How about removing the glass and liquid completely and breathing it in instead? It might sound bizarre, but Bompas & Parr has proved that people can’t wait to get wasted in an intoxicating cloud.

  • Article image Topgolf: driving Gen Y to the golf course

    When you think of golfers, images of retired men, dressed in whites strolling around the course spring to mind. Topgolf, with its ‘entertainment centres’ are trying to change that. And it’s working; 64% of customers at Topgolf are aged 18 to 24. So what is Topgolf doing to engage this audience?