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  • Swapping snail mail for brick-and-mortar refunds
  • Swapping snail mail for brick-and-mortar refunds
    Sergio Gonzalo Cuellar Mansilla, Creative Commons (2013) ©

Happy Returns: return online purchases in person

Perks like free and next-day delivery have become the norm in online shopping, but returns are lagging behind. Aiming to make the process faster, easier and smoother is Happy Returns, which lets shoppers take unwanted items to Return Bars located in malls and stores to get an instant refund.

Location United States

Two billion people worldwide are expected to shop online by 2019, yet while e-commerce is rapidly innovating the ways people buy a range of products, returns are lagging behind. [1] In fact, if ‘returns’ was a store brand, it would have ranked number two on the Stores 2015 Top 100 retailers list in terms of total sales, only behind Walmart. [2] Happy Returns is reimagining the way shoppers experience returns, letting them gain an in-person refund for an online purchase.





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  • People feel shopping assistance is lacking online

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    Optoro is a start-up rehoming Christmas returns

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