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  • Is binge-watching Netflix the best way to spend your weekend?
  • Is binge-watching Netflix the best way to spend your weekend?
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Why e-leisure is taking over our free time

From socialising on Snapchat to getting gourmet dishes delivered to your door to binge-watching the latest Netflix series, digital leisure is having a profound effect on the way Gen Yers spend their downtime. Is staying in really the new going out? And what will prise people from their sofas?

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Due to media coverage of terror attacks, mass shootings and natural disasters, just stepping outside the front door has become a stressful experience for many people; 74% of Americans worry that ISIS will strike in the US. For futurist Faith Popcorn, a new lifestyle trend is emerging thanks to the troubled times we’re living in – bunkering. [1]

A more extreme version of ‘cocooning’, bunkering is made possible thanks to the ubiquity of convenient digital services and smart devices. From socialising on Snapchat and WhatsApp to getting gourmet cuisine delivered to your door to binge-watching the latest ...



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    2017 Expert Outlook on Leisure

    Can out-of-home leisure destinations lure people away from screens? Why does travelling like a local beat being a regular tourist? And is AR a real game-changer? As part of our Expert Outlook 2017 series, we speak to three leisure experts about what the future holds for how we unwind and explore.

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    Reality sucks! The science of escapism

    The allure of a virtual world – in which anyone could have magical powers and take risks without consequences – is evidenced by the fact that nearly 19 million people play video games in the UK alone. Canvas8 sat down with Dr. Andrew Kuo to understand why we actively escape into virtual worlds.

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    Is immersive dining too much to stomach?

    Secret Cinema and Punchdrunk brought immersive theatre and cinema to the masses – and food is now getting the same treatment. Nearly three-quarters of Gen Yers want to increase their spending on experiences, but in a competitive restaurant industry, what gets people lining up to buy tickets?

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    Walter Presents: curating your next binge-watch

    2015 was a historic year for TV fans, with more scripted shows to choose from than ever before. So how does anyone know where to start? For Channel 4, the answer lies in Walter, the affable face of its new streaming service and curator of the very best in serious, compulsive world drama.