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  • How will people take control in 2017?
  • How will people take control in 2017?
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Expert Outlook 2017: Take Control

Why is snacking becoming purpose-driven? How are people taking healthcare into their own hands? And why do travel, shopping and banking need to be as simple as possible for consumers? The 2017 Expert Outlook includes ideas from 36 of the Canvas8 Network on what to expect in the year ahead.

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In the Canvas8 Expert Outlook for 2016, ‘Mobile Moments’, we spoke to 36 sector specialists about how they thought emerging innovations would impact how we live. As predicted, successful brands were those that innovated within their customers' preferred platforms, infiltrating daily routines rather than trying to create new rituals.

Now, as we enter 2017, conversations with our experts revealed a recurring theme around a desire for people to feel empowered and in control – not surprising when ‘uncertainty’ is the word on everyone's lips. Whether that's parents using mesh Wi-Fi to cut off their kids’ internet, households monitoring energy consumption, or busy workers getting a parcel delivered to their local tube station, customers are firmly in the driving seat.

We’ll see brands stepping up to meet these demands. That may be through surprising collaborations – such as Spotify teaming up with Sonos to offer superior service – in-platform developments – like chatting to an airline on Facebook Messenger – or new business models – such as phone manufacturers letting people subscribe for five years so they can get an upgrade annually.

This year, in 'Take Control', we spoke to three experts from 12 sectors about the key themes and developments to expect in 2017. The full series of sector-specific reports can be found via the related articles below. It's available to download here.

Jo Allison