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  • Behind every great man…
  • Behind every great man…
    Marks & Spencer (2016) ©

M&S – Mrs Claus: a festive twist on feminism

Christmas can be a stressful time – something many more women than men recognise. In the run-up to the big day in 2016, M&S is winning over women across the UK with a spot starring Mrs Claus instead of her husband, reminding them that it knows who the real heroes of Christmas are.

Location United Kingdom

Christmas ads are all part of the holiday festivities. And while some focus on recapturing the child-like joy of the occasion or the gatherings that define the day, Marks & Spencer's ad is leading the 2016 parade with a festive twist on feminism.

Its spot – featuring unlikely starlet Mrs Claus – is winning over women across the UK by reminding them that the retailer knows who the real heroes of Christmas are. “Have you met Mrs Claus?” asks her dedicated arm of the M&S site. “She’s the remarkable female half of the world’s best-loved power couple ...



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