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  • Playlists have never felt so personal
  • Playlists have never felt so personal
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Spotify Discover: a mixtape for the 21st century

Streaming has seen the playlist surpass the album in how people choose to listen to music, and Spotify is staying ahead of the game with Discover Weekly, which tailors tracks to each user to make exploration effortless. But how personal can an algorithm-made playlist really be?

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On-demand streaming has surged past radio stations and records to become the main way of listening to music for many; as of September 2016, more than 100 million people were paying for music subscription services, up from just eight million in 2010. [1][2] Somewhere in the midst of that, we’ve gone from burning mix CDs to sharing playlists online, and Spotify is hoping to keep its place as top streaming service through personalised musical picks.

High Fidelity’s Rob Gordon had it right – the making of a mixtape is a very subtle art,” says Gustav ...



  • Article image Found Them First: bragging rights for music geeks

    Discovering new music was once a preserve of A&R scouts at major labels. But with unsigned acts now playing to anyone with an internet connection, how can music fans be sure of who was there first? A new Spotify feature is quantifying ‘cool’, giving music geeks the bragging rights they deserve.

  • Article image How Spotify and vinyl are shaping the future of music

    With the arrival of Apple Music, continued growth of Spotify, and a vinyl revival, it’s clear that the music business is in a state of flux. So how will the way we find, play and share music change in the future? In the first of two reports we see how Spotify and vinyl are shaping the industry.

  • Article image Tidal: premium streaming for Gen iPhone

    In March 2015, a little-known boutique music streaming service became the most talked about thing in the music press. Jay Z’s acquisition and relaunch of Tidal was met with ambivalence at best, ridicule at worst. Yet beyond the uproar, Tidal provides clues about how people like their music.

  • Article image BeoSound Moment: revolutionising home audio

    Over 28 million people pay for a music subscription. The consumption of music has changed; Gen Y has experienced the rise of digital music downloads and the downfall of CDs. Bang & Olufsen is now aiming to streamline and personalise home listening with BeoSound Moment. But how?