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  • Will ‘e-leisure’ spending surpass real world experiences?
  • Will ‘e-leisure’ spending surpass real world experiences?
    Leo Hidalgo, Creative Commons (2016) ©

2017 Expert Outlook on Leisure

Can out-of-home leisure destinations lure people away from screens? Why does travelling like a local beat being a regular tourist? And is AR a real game-changer? As part of our Expert Outlook 2017 series, we speak to three leisure experts about what the future holds for how we unwind and explore.

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In the Leisure chapter of the 2017 Expert Outlook, Canvas8 speaks to Randy White, CEO and co-founder of the White Hutchinson Leisure & Learning Group, Jon Hawkins, editor of Escapism, and Mark Walker, content marketing and social media manager at Eventbrite UK & Ireland.





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    Google Trips: an app that organises your wanderlust

    From Airbnb to TripAdvisor, digital tools have changed the way we plan holidays. Now, instead of relying on a guidebook, you can use Google Trips to build customisable plans to explore your destination. Is this the pocket pal that the new generation of travellers has been yearning for?

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    What’s the future of ticketing?

    Gone are the days when you'd queue to buy a ticket for a concert, or wait for one to arrive in the post. As ticket touting grows into a money-grabbing monster and legitimate ticketing goes mobile, how we buy tickets for everything from train journeys to football matches is fundamentally changing.

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    Yondr: sweeping people up in smartphone-free experiences

    We’re constantly on our phones, using them to document our lives rather than enjoying the moment. US start-up Yondr aims to improve the live music experience by creating tech-free spaces that block signal too. But do Gen Y really want to miss out on that perfect Instagram opportunity?

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    Intrepid: a sustainable future for the package holiday

    Whether you're in inner-city London or the wilds of Africa, an Aussie twang won't be out of place. International travel has never been so popular for Australians, but traditional travel agents and package tours have lost relevance. Intrepid is a sustainable, independent alternative to the tour market.