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  • How is instant online access impacting the luxury landscape?
  • How is instant online access impacting the luxury landscape?
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2017 Expert Outlook on Luxury

Should luxury brands be accessible? Should they be championing sustainability? And how can they help people save valuable time? As part of our Expert Outlook 2017 series, we speak to three experts about the value of immediacy, conscientious brands and how the luxurious save time.

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For the Expert Outlook 2017 on luxury, Canvas8 speaks to Marie-Cécile Cervellon, professor of marketing at EDHEC Business School, Diana Verde Nieto, founder of Positive Luxury, and Helen Tootsi, lifestyle manager at Quintessentially Lifestyle.





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    #TommyNow: luxury fashion you can see now, buy now

    They say good things come to those who wait – but for those hunting haute couture, the six months between seasons can be a bit of a drag. All that is about to change as the ‘see now, buy now’ model establishes itself in the luxury fashion scene. Could this be the industry’s ‘Uber moment’?

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    Surf Air: all-you-can-fly business travel

    Business execs suffer from a ‘perennial time-scarcity problem’, so it’s no surprise that they’re looking for ways to minimise wasted moments. Surf Air aims to save them hours at airports, offering unlimited flights on private business jets between selected European cities from £2,500 per month.

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    Has luxury fashion lost its lustre?

    A decade ago, 'luxury' might have meant a Mercedes, a Prada bag or a Rolex. But in 2016, old symbols of extravagance are out and people are searching for more meaningful things to spend on. With the market thought to have grown just 1-2% in 2015, is this the end for traditional luxury fashion brands?

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    Henchman: for people too busy to walk to the shops

    Too busy, tired or achy to get your own lunch? For a fee, Londoners can now use Henchman to have someone bring whatever they want to wherever they are. But will this app become a vital part of their lives, or is it just a novelty for those too hungover to leave their bed on a Sunday morning?

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    Why counterfeit products are hot in India

    Counterfeit goods, from handbags to headphones, are popular among aspirational consumers who can’t afford the real thing. But widespread fakes are having a negative impact on brands looking to sell in India. How do Indians perceive counterfeit goods, and why is the domestic market so huge?

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    All Bamboo: eco-friendly luxury for the home

    The term ‘environmentally-friendly materials’ usually conjures up visuals of hippy hemp bags and Sainsbury’s bags for life. UK-based All Bamboo is looking to make eco-consumerism more luxurious with its almost silk-like bamboo bedding. Is a life of luxury more sustainable than originally thought?

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    Should luxury brands ‘do social’?

    The luxury goods market is worth €224 billion, so it’s no surprise that when it comes to change, many top-tier brands see no point in fixing something that doesn’t seem broken. But has a conservative approach to brand messaging grown stale? And how does luxury fit into a world of tweets and likes?

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    Tesla Autopilot: an automatic car cult

    Tesla didn’t set out just to challenge the automotive sector – it wants to change it. It ranks in the top five brands among motor enthusiasts, and celebrity fans of Tesla include Jay-Z, Ben Affleck and Jay Leno. But how has an electric car company become a cool cult brand?